Ceramic Necklace - Tangerine and Peach

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This necklace has a hand knit cotton and linen blend cord from cheerful Tangerine coloured yarn. The bead is handmade from Porcelain clay and glazed with a light peach coloured glaze. Perfect for cheering up a plain outfit with a pop of colour or adding more colour to a colourful outfit! 

About the Necklaces in General:

Handmade from Stoneware and Porcelain Clay, these necklaces are one of a kind. Each is different in terms of colour, texture and the size of bead and length of cord. The cords are hand knit from either cotton/linen or cotton for the smaller necklaces or from cotton/viscose/elastane for the larger pieces with thicker cords. All pieces are unique and have their own subtle differences never to be repeated. 

All glazes are food-safe and can be hand washed if necessary using mild detergent and a soft sponge. White glazes and slip decoration may stain with use, as may the unglazed bases and ends of items. The handknit cords will rub a bit with use but effort has been taken to source materials that do not rub or frill a lot. The cords may also lengthen a few centimeters with use due to the weight of the ceramic beads. 

These beads are quite hardy and don't chip or break easily if you are careful. The curvature and the relatively thick walls make them quite strong and sturdy.

When worn the necklaces sit between 5cm above the bust line and 5cm below the bust line, depending on the necklace and on your individual measurements. All necklaces are designed to fit over the average head with no fastening required.

If you would like more information about the item pictured, please contact me. If you wish to commission an item or order a larger number than available, please contact me using the contact form.

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Terms of Sale:

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