I work to situate my ceramics between ritual and presence. To be both functional and to elevate the everyday. To hold in the hand with comfortable weight and to bring awareness of the value of silence. I am interested in the moment two different glazes meet, the traces of throwing lines, the accidental slip or lapse in concentration that leads to a wobble in form. Time and touch reveal depth.

Drip Series II

Pair of cups for a commission. Porcelain glazed with satin white and gold glazes. Wheel thrown. Height 8cm, Diameter 9.5cm.

Two Pairs

Two pairs of cups for a commission. Stoneware glazed with satin white and oatmeal glazes. Wheel thrown. White: Height 7cm, Diameter, 9cm. Oatmeal: Height 6.5cm, Diameter 10cm.

Pairs of Plates

Stoneware glazed with satin white, charcoal and white porcelain slip. Handbuilt using mold. Height 3.5cm. Diameter 17.5cm. See Webshop to purchase.

Tiny Houses

Stoneware with oatmeal, gold and matcha glazes. Handbuilt. Dimensions variable. Approx height 3cm. Depth and width approx 2cm. By commission. 

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