Hand Woven Table Runner

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Fine 100% Mercerized Cotton warp in white and cream gives this piece a subtle stripe. Weft is dark brown Pomegranate dyed Silk with undyed foraged Kapok Tree fibre inserts (Approx 80% Silk and 20% Kapok). Light grey tussah silk trim of approximately 2.5cm wide at each end. Machine finished fringe. Silk is has stiffness and will hold some shape. The stiffness of the silk gives the fabric an irregular quality. Kapok fibers are soft and smooth. Cotton is soft and has a slight sheen. Weft is slightly lose, giving this piece some transparency. Hand Woven on a Saori loom. Piece is approximately  55cm Wide and  1.2m Long. Suitable for use as a table runner or as a wall hung piece. One of a kind. Ships from Singapore to the world. 

Washing by hand or machine is not recommended. Cold water may be used to sponge any marks or spills. Do not rub or agitate. Be gentle. Machine wash is not recommended. Dry flat on a towel in the shade. Do not iron or tumble dry. 

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