The Historian

I am interested in confluences, thresholds and change, in territories and ways of being in the world amidst conditions of flux, of connection, relationship and matter. 

I am interested in the tacit, the tactile and the embodied, the wisdom of practical knowledge and of skill.

I am interested in the place we inhabit, between earth and sky, between elemental and spirit, between ephemeral and eternal.

I am interested in the traces, marks and forms we make as we try to understand who we are and where we are.

Sometimes I investigate this by writing. Sometimes by reading. Sometimes by speaking. Sometimes by walking. Sometimes by changing wet clay into formed ceramics. Sometimes by taking a thread and making a textile. Sometimes by moving furniture around. Sometimes by designing or architect-ing. But always by looking, engaging, thinking. 

There is no separation between the different aspects of my work, for they are no different. Regard a cup as a ritual. A cloth as architecture. A lecture as embodied knowledge. A walk as history. A paragraph as a vessel. A hat as a penumbra. Look and see. Touch and know. Make a clearing to acknowledge being. Celebrate wonder.

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