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About The Blue Triangle Society

The Blue Triangle Society is a small design label which produces beautiful things to make daily life a little more pleasant. As a designer, I am interested in the visual and tactile manifestations of time and space. This work is driven by phenomenological philosophy and a love of quality craftmanship.

Using a variety of time-intensive processes, I explore the value of things and the time it takes to make them. Each piece represents hours, days or even months of work. All my work is deliberately hand made and each item is either a one-off or unique in colour or texture. No two hand-knit mittens are identical, no two threads lie exactly the same in a handwoven scarf, these things make each work special. Each piece is made by a person, not a machine. My work is slow and I like it that way.

Space is explored through various means. At the moment I explore the way geometry informs our understanding of space and how we occupy it and interact with it. I am also interested in the way in which my products utilize space and interact with the bodies they occupy or meet through means such as wrapping and circling. 

The Blue Triangle Society is an opportunity to enjoy a new type of quiet, slow beauty in your life.

Send me a Line Silk Scarf. Naturally Dyed Silk Chiffon Scarf. Approx 90 x 90cm square. Dye Process 3 Weeks. $ 80 SGD.

Wash-out Cotton Circle Scarf. Naturally Dyed Cotton Circle Scarf. Approx 90cm wide x 60cm diameter. Dye Process 2 Weeks. $40 SGD.

Ombre Fade Silk Tunic. Naturally Dyed Silk Tunic. Size EUR 38-40, Medium. Dye Process 6 Weeks.  $ 160 SGD.  Also available as a full length dress in Size EUR 34-36.

Draw the Line Winter Hat. Handknit Fine Merino Wool Hat with Naturally Dyed Line in Yellow. Size Small-Medium. Dye Process 1 Hour. Handknit 5.5 Hours. $140 SGD. Also available in Grey Merino with a Green line.

Colour Field Silk Cowl. Handknit Silk Cowl in Charcoal/Sand or Sand/Cream. Approx 30cm Wide x 25cm Diameter. Handknit 5.5 Hours. $140 SGD each.

Circle Around Scarf. Handcrocheted Fine Merino Wool and Ethical NZ Possum Scarf in Black and Possum Grey. Approx 23cm Wide x 147cm Long. Handcrocheted 27 Hours. $900 SGD.

Circle Around Scarf. Handcrocheted Super Fine Merino Wool Scarf in Grey and Grey Blue Tweed. Approx 23cm Wide x 147cm Long. Handcrocheted 37 Hours. $1100 SGD.

Encircle Me Scarf. Handwoven Bamboo Viscose and Cotton Blend Scarf in Cream and Sand. Approx 33cm Wide x 122cm Long with 7cm of Fringe at each end. Total length about 137cm. Handwoven 8 Hours. $150 SGD.

Encircle Me Scarf. Handwoven Bamboo Viscose and Cotton Blend Scarf in Cream and Grey. Approx 33cm Wide x 114cm Long with 7cm of Fringe at each end. Total length about 130cm. Handwoven 8 Hours. $150 SGD.

Cuddle Me Baby Mittens. Handknit Baby Mittens in Super Soft Cream Alpaca Yarn. Sized to fit Newborn 0-3 Months. Handknit 4 Hours per pair. $50 SGD per pair.

All About Sweater. Handknit Sweater in Baby Alpaca or Superfine Merino Yarn. Shown here in Grey Alpaca and Size Small (To fit 34 inch Bust). Made to Order to suit your measurements. Handknit upwards of 20 Hours (depending on size). From $500 SGD.

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