The Weaver

Depth, texture and natural materials guide my work. I set up the loom and invite the yarns to decide how they wish to be woven. In the opening of shed, the kairos moment, when the shuttle passes through the momentary gap in the warp threads, the magic occurs. This moment turns thread into fabric, vertical and horizontal meet, order is fixed, the geometry establishes itself, being is realized. Dwelling through kairos.

Items shown here are either available to purchase and in stock or can be made by commission. For items made by commission please note that identical yarns may no longer be available but similar colours and textures can be sourced for your piece. 

Please note that a commissioned work will not look exactly the same as those pictured, because I like variety, spontaneity, individuality and because I'm a human not a machine and I can't make things exactly the same even if I try. Plus I don't want to, each piece is a kairos moment captured.

Table Runner

Mercerised cotton and bamboo warp. Hoso Ito Chirichiri natural silk weft with handspun baby alpaca inserts. Woven on a Saori Loom. Approx 50cm Wide and 1.4m Long. By commission. Please contact me for more details and pricing.

Three Throw Rugs

Australian Merino warp. From Left: Natural undyed Tasmanian brown sheep wool weft; Natural undyed brown sheep wool, handspun dark brown South Australian wool and Tasmanian Leicester wool weft; and Naturally dyed wool weft. 100% wool. Woven on an 8 shaft loom. Each approx 55cm Wide and 2.1m Long. Available to purchase. See store page for availability and to purchase.

Four Table Runners

Fine 100% Mercerized Cotton warp. From Left: Soy fibre with irregular width hand spun fair trade banana silk stripes (Approx 70% Soy and 30% Banana); Natural undyed Fern silk (100% Fern fibre); Pomegranate dyed silk with Kapok Tree fibre inserts (Approx 80% Silk and 20% Kapok); Silk naturally dyed with eucalyptus leaves in ikat style weft resist pattern (100% Silk). Woven on a Saori loom. Each approx 50-55cm Wide and between 1.2 and 2.0m Long. Available to purchase. Please contact me for more details and pricing. See store page for availability and to purchase.

Red Wall Hanging

Some thoughts about the colour red manifest in wool, silk and bamboo. A powerful, passionate, strong colour. The colour of the earth and of lifeblood. Of symbolic gesture and ritual event. Bamboo viscose warp. Norwegian wool, Saori Wool, Silk Stainless Steel and Bamboo Viscose weft. Approx 55cm wide by 4.0m long. Designed to hang on a rod and cord and to be reversible. By commission. Please contact me for more details and pricing.

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